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Costa Rica Law Features Provides Information on the following topics:

  • How to Start a Business
  • All about Corporations
  • Banking in Costa Rica
  • Litigation and Arbitration
  • Costa Rican Tax Obligations
  • Importing and Exporting
  • Living Legally as a Resident in Costa Rica
  • Real Estate Transactions and Financing
  • Employee and Employer Relations
  • Drafting a Will and Estate Planning
  • Lawyers and Notaries
  • Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Costa Rica Law Site Organization Site Description

Welcome to

I have organized the site to provide the most comprehensive and detailed information on topics which will be of interest to all those that are either already living in Costa Rica or those considering moving, retiring or considering doing business in Costa Rica.

The LEGAL TOPICS section which is set out in the Menu to the left provides 26 different legal topics for you to choose. Under each of those specific legal topics you will find articles related to that topic with references and links to the actual text of the laws.

The COSTA RICA FACTS section which is set forth in the Menu choices above is constantly being expanded and updated providing general information about Costa Rica such as:

Practical Living Considerations
Demographics and Population
Traveling to Costa Rica
The Costa Rica Economy
The Cost of Living in Costa Rica
Playing and Having Fun in Costa Rica
Maps of Costa Rica

We have also add a VIDEO GALLERY where we are adding "How to Do It" videos on several different topics related to Costa Rican processes and procedures.


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At we provide an extensive source of information on everything related to Costa Rica. As a registered user you will have free and unlimited access to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) , Forms and selected articles and videos.

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) provides answers to many of the questions that we have received regarding different legal issues that you may encounter in Costa Rica. Our Legal Forms Sections provides English translations to some of the most common forms you will encounter in Costa Rica.



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